Let's Meditate & Mingle!

Come Meditate & Mingle with Us

Every Monday at 8:00 PM CT

and Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM KST!

What is Meditate & Mingle?

These sessions are designed to promote

well-being and community by helping you:

  • Find some calm amidst the chaos
  • Let your creativity and imagination flow
  • Deepen your practice in a tranquil and mindful setting
  • Make connections with others around the world who may also benefit from your unique experiences and insight

Who would benefit from Meditate & Mingle?

These sessions are for people of all levels,

but geared specifically towards:

  • Beginners to mindfulness meditation interested in learning how to cultivate a sustainable mindfulness practice
  • Seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice
  • Anyone feeling like their thoughts and performance are being "hijacked" by their emotions

Why Practice Mindfulness?

Research has shown that cultivating

a daily mindfulness practice can:

  • Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Burnout, and Rumination
  • Boost Working Memory
  • Improve Focus
  • Reduce emotionally reactive and impulsive behaviors
  • Heighten cognitive ability
  • Enhance mind-body connection.

What is the goal of Meditate & Mingle?

My goal for each M&M session

is to guide you towards:

  • Bringing more awareness, openness, curiosity, and compassion to your life
  • Better understanding how, when, and where you can apply this new awareness to your life
  • Identifying ways to continue carving out time to cultivate your own mindfulness practice outside of our time together.

What does a Meditate & Mingle session look like?

Each M&M session is approximately 60 minutes.

During each session, I will:

  • Set an intention for the session’s mindfulness exercise
  • Lead you through a 10-15 minute guided practice focused on curiosity, openness, compassion, awareness, gratitude, acceptance, and non-judgment.
  • Guide you through a discussion about what came up for you during the meditation session.

How much does Meditate & Mingle cost?

M&M is donation-based.

  • If you find these sessions beneficial, you are welcome to make a $10-20 donation
  • Donations are not expected, but they are greatly appreciated and allow for more future sessions to take place
  • If you're not able to make a donation, referring friends, family, and colleagues is another way to show your appreciation

Let's Navigate the

Complexities & Possibilities

of Life Together!


with Mindfulness!

Curious what a mindfulness practice feels like?

Follow along with this guided meditation for beginners!

Here's how working with Billy

is impacting the lives of others!

I've been fortunate enough to be a member of Billy's mindfulness community here in Seoul and what a gift to have found a place to slow down and reset in an otherwise fast paced city. I appreciate the ease with which he settles us into the moment as well as the care and craft put into every meditation. He is a natural leader. I've maintained a meditation practice for some time yet Billy continually prompts new awareness with each session!

Young C.

Seoul, South Korea

I enrolled in Billy's online as well as offline meetings about a month ago. I enrolled in this course because I was grappling with a high level of nervous tension which was manifesting in an unhealthy relationship to my body, my smartphone, and my time. I wanted to be able to establish a sense of equilibrium within myself to counter this. One thing I have learned from taking this course is that mindfulness is essentially just a surrender to the moment - and I have truly experienced the freedom of simply letting things be what they are, myself included. What I really appreciate about working with Billy is the way he scaffolds each step of the mindfulness process with simple, accessible guidance. This really helps you to access a state of mindfulness from a deeper angle.

Kitty M.

South Africa

I have been a member of his mindfulness community for about 6 months. I started practicing mindfulness with Billy because I needed something to change in my daily routines, as I was burned out at home and at work without giving myself space to heal and rest. Billy's weekly mindfulness meditations gave me a space where I could build in much needed reflection and rejuvenation into my weekly routine. Leaving his sessions, I feel more calm, better able to tackle challenges at work and home, less anxious and stressed, more attuned to my body and mind, and overall more fulfilled my current life. I enjoy working with Billy because he asks individualized questions that get me to truly reflect on what mindfulness means to me and how it can be built into my life on a daily basis; it's not some challenging, unapproachable skill that only the most devoted gurus possess. He has created a place where I can openly share my life experiences and challenges in a supportive environment. One thing I've learned/improved through working with Billy is the importance of seeing how mindfulness can be built into the smallest routines of my day with some intentionality and a little planning. Thank you, Billy!

Luke P.

Minneapolis, MN

I have been a member of his mindfulness community for 1 month now. I started practicing mindfulness with Billy because I needed some meditation away from my work pressure and stress. I enjoy working with Billy because he lets people experience the joy of meditation in a easy and friendly way. One thing I've improved through working with Billy is that I should focus on the present and myself which brought me more peace of mind. Huge thanks to Billy!

Chloe K.

Seoul, South Korea


Meet Billy Lahr

Billy is the host of The Mindful Midlife Crisis, a podcast for people navigating the complexities and possibilities of life’s second half. Billy spent 21 years as an educator but became disenfranchised the last half due to budding mental health concerns and a lack of job satisfaction. In 2021, Billy left his job as dean of students in order to travel the world in search of more meaningful life experiences. Since then, he’s been focused on teaching others how to navigate their own midlife crisis with more curiosity, openness, compassion, and awareness through the use of mindfulness meditation as well as practical and intentional daily routines that focus on consistency and discipline through his introductory Reflect–Learn–Grow mindfulness program.