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This two-week introductory course will cover the ins and outs of mindfulness

without getting too bogged down in the nitty-gritty details.

From figuring out how to sit during meditation

to navigating the chaos of daily life with a calm demeanor,

this course is all about making mindfulness work for you..

Check out a sample lesson from this course!

Upon completing this course, you will better understand:

Day 1:

*How to Get the Most

Out of This Course

*How to Sit

During Meditation

*Guided Meditation:

Mindfulness for Beginners

Day 2:

*Mindfulness Explained

*Guided Meditation:

Mindful Breathing

Day 3:

*Returning Your Attention

to the Present

*Guided Meditation:

Coming Back

to the Breath

with Patience

Day 4:

*Building Concentration by Taming the Monkey Mind

*Guided Meditation:

Labeling the Breath

Day 5:

*Bringing Awareness

to the Body

*Guided Meditation:

Body Scan

Day 6:

*Being Aware of Sounds

in the Environment

*Guided Meditation:

Mindful Listening

Day 7:

*Staying Calm in the

Midst of Chaos

*Guided Meditation:


Day 8:

*Managing a

Hyperactive Mind

*Guided Meditation:

Letting Thoughts

Come & Go

Day 9:

*That Which Gets in the Way

of Your Thoughts

*Guided Meditation:

Focusing on Distractions

Day 10:

*How to Deal with

Strong Emotions

*Guided Meditation:

Inviting Everything in for Tea

Day 11:

*How to Deal with

Pain in the Body

*Guided Meditation:

Meditating with Pain

Day 12:

*Working with Doubt

*Guided Meditation:

Noticing Doubt in the Mind

Day 13:

*Cultivating Care for Others

*Guided Meditation:

Loving Kindness

Day 14:

*Putting It All Together

*Guided Meditation:

Open Awareness

*Keeping the Momentum Going

Bonus Materials!

Along with the reflection exercises and guided meditations included in the videos,

you'll also have access to bonus materials designed to help you reflect, learn, and grow!

Let Me Be Your Emotional Hostage Negotiator!

Hello! My name is Billy Lahr!

As a certified mindfulness meditation teacher,

certified personal trainer, and seasoned educator

with over 20 years of experience,

I bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding

of the challenges faced by both educators and digital nomads.

Drawing upon my extensive background in education

and my own personal mental health journey,

I am uniquely positioned to guide you through

mindfulness practices that address specific work/life stressors,

burnout, feelings of isolation, and self-limiting beliefs

commonly encountered in these dynamic environments.

My mission is to:

*Help you navigate the

complexities and possibilities

of life's second half

*Guide you through your life's journey

with more curiosity, openness,

compassion, and awareness

*Build a foundation of discipline, consistency,

and patience so you can take

inspired and intentional action to jump start your life

*Give people a platform to share

their expertise and life experiences

with others so we can learn from each other

Mindfulness not only changed my life...

it most likely saved it!

In 2012 and 2013, I was struggling so badly with anxiety and depression due to rejection and dissatisfaction in my personal and professional life that I was having regular panic attacks, and things got so bad that I started contemplating suicide on a daily basis.

I remember the moment I hit my emotional rock bottom. It was a cold February Saturday night in 2013, and I was supposed to go to a friend’s birthday party that night. And I remember really looking forward to going to this birthday party because it was with a group of friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. And I had told myself that I would leave around 7:00 pm so I could get to the party around 7:30.

But at 6:51, and for whatever reason, I still remember the time, but at 6:51, I started having an anxiety attack. I remember my hands crinkling up, my stomach feeling like it was being compressed by a boa constrictor, my shoulders hiking up, and my breathing becoming short and shallow, and it felt like what I imagine drowning feels like.

I don’t know how long that feeling lasted, but by the time it was over, I was so mentally and physically wiped out that I texted my friend and said, “Hey, I’m not feeling well. I’m gonna have to skip the party. Sorry about that.”

And then I woke up the next day and thought to myself, “What the hell is wrong with me? It’s a weekend…normally I don’t feel this way unless I’m at work.” That’s when I knew I needed to go to therapy before I sought out a more permanent solution to make my depression go away.

My therapist introduced me to mindfulness, and through my daily mindfulness practice, I have learned new ways to manage my emotions so that I am able to respond as opposed to react. Instead of my emotions being knocked around like a speed bag you’d find in a boxing gym, they’re able to withstand the blows life throws at me more like a heavy bag.

Sure, I may sway from side to side from time to time, but it’s much easier for me to steady myself these days. As a result of this life transformation, I decided to become a mindfulness teacher because one of the tenets of mindfulness is gratitude, and had my therapist not introduced me to mindfulness, I don’t know if I would be there today.

What Exactly Is Mindfulness?

If you’re wondering, “Well, what exactly is mindfulness?” I can sum it up like this: mindfulness is the state of awareness in which you are intentionally focused on the present moment with curiosity, openness, compassion, and non-judgment. It’s a simple concept, but especially in this age of instant gratification and overstimulation, it is not easy.

If you’re looking for a good place to start being more mindful, follow along with this guided meditation for beginners. If you're worried about whether or not you're meditating correctly, just remember this: the practice is in your awareness of the failure. When you've lost focus on the breath and suddenly become aware of that, gently bring your attention back to the breath. It doesn't matter if it's been five seconds or five minutes...just gently bring your attention back to the breath in the present moment.

Here's what others are saying

about practicing mindfulness

with Billy!

Luke P.

Minneapolis, MN

"I have been a member of his mindfulness community for about 6 months. I started practicing mindfulness with Billy because I needed something to change in my daily routines, as I was burned out at home and at work without giving myself space to heal and rest. Billy's weekly mindfulness meditations gave me a space where I could build in much needed reflection and rejuvenation into my weekly routine. Leaving his sessions, I feel more calm, better able to tackle challenges at work and home, less anxious and stressed, more attuned to my body and mind, and overall more fulfilled my current life. I enjoy working with Billy because he asks individualized questions that get me to truly reflect on what mindfulness means to me and how it can be built into my life on a daily basis; it's not some challenging, unapproachable skill that only the most devoted gurus possess. He has created a place where I can openly share my life experiences and challenges in a supportive environment. One thing I've learned/improved through working with Billy is the importance of seeing how mindfulness can be built into the smallest routines of my day with some intentionality and a little planning. Thank you, Billy!"

Young C.

Seoul, South Korea

"I've been fortunate enough to be a member of Billy's mindfulness community here in Seoul and what a gift to have found a place to slow down and reset in an otherwise fast paced city. I appreciate the ease with which he settles us into the moment as well as the care and craft put into every meditation. He is a natural leader. I've maintained a meditation practice for some time yet Billy continually prompts new awareness with each session!"

Kitty M.

South Africa

"I enrolled in Billy's online as well as offline meetings about a month ago. I enrolled in this course because I was grappling with a high level of nervous tension which was manifesting in an unhealthy relationship to my body, my smartphone, and my time. I wanted to be able to establish a sense of equilibrium within myself to counter this. One thing I have learned from taking this course is that mindfulness is essentially just a surrender to the moment - and I have truly experienced the freedom of simply letting things be what they are, myself included. What I really appreciate about working with Billy is the way he scaffolds each step of the mindfulness process with simple, accessible guidance. This really helps you to access a state of mindfulness from a deeper angle."

Lilis P.


"I had the privilege of actively participating in both group lessons conducted through both Zoom and in-person formats, as well as engaging in insightful 1:1 session. Throughout the course, I continuously marveled at the profound impact mindfulness had on various aspects of my life. Billy's expertise, compassionate and non-judgmental nature, along with calm and clear voice, created an atmosphere of remarkable peace within me. Each session brought forth new insights and learnings, and every interaction fostered personal growth, deepened my self-reflection, and contributed to my overall development."

Together, Let's Reflect-Learn-Grow!

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